Effortlessly pickup an entire court-full of tennis balls in seconds. Easily fold the arms in to get through gates and in between net posts. Works on clay courts. Players get tired of picking up balls long before they tire of hitting them! Because players are having more fun hitting balls they will pay more for ball machine rentals.

Ball Mower 2.0


  • Upgraded Handle System - slide in and no bend to the handle - no more bent/broken handles
  • Double Drive - both wheels power the drum for easy pickup
  • No jamming due to clutch system on drum
  • Single, commercial caster on each arm, smoother and durable, longer lasting and less replacement costs

MSRP $695.00 USD

The next generation of Ball Mowers, expertly engineered for superior performance and available only through Playmate Authorized Tech Reps, like Armadillo Tennis

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