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The facts and figures are here -  

• No rolling or compaction ever.

• No 24/7 watering needs.

• The base is a hard, perfectly flat 30mm layer of crushed clay roof tile, bound with a glue binder -  then covered with 3mm of traditional European red clay topping. 

• Porous - like no other clay court. Water drains fast and cannot puddle on the surface.

• Play immediately after rain.

• Imported and installed by factory trained technicians.

• Official Court of the WTA Porsche Grand Prix, and Palmetto Tennis Center, Sumter, SC.

RedClay USA and Armadillo Tennis:  New Partners

​Armadillo Tennis is pleased to announce (August 2021), we are the Official Texas installer for RedClay Pro® tennis courts  - -  The Official Court of the Porsche Grand Prix and more! 

RedClay Pro® Tennis Courts by RedClay USA, LLC

The best innovation in tennis courts in 100 years 
is here - to put American tennis back on clay!

After 20+ years of European development, 
real terra cotta RED CLAY courts are ingeniously engineered for superior 
Function, Play and Maintenance. 
These incredible courts are now being built 
in North America from a network of 
industry-leading installers.

No other type of tennis court is cheaper to build, 
maintain and operate. The new RedClay Pro® court 
is “always ready to play”- Indoors and outdoors.