Look for the "Like My Drill"app at the App Store on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Click Here to download the App now

What do I need?


I want iPlaymate Tennis with Workout Tracker

Ball Machine Requirement

Must have a commercial ball machine (as long as it is NOT an ACE) made since 2013. Ball machines made since 2009 qualify for a factory upgrade for an additional fee. Ball machines made before 2009 are not compatible with Workout Tracker.

iPlaymate Tennis Requirement

Must have iPlaymate Tennis Receiver made since July 2015. iPlaymate Tennis receivers made before July 2015 qualify for a factory upgrade for an additional fee.

Track your workouts, track balls hit, and compare results with others.

Informational videos

Recent Activity

View the last 30 days of workouts. Select a workout to view your Workout Summary.


Compare your results to players around the world on this monthly competition.


Win awards like "most balls hit in a workout" or "longest workout". Keep track of how many balls you've hit over the last week, month, or year.

Design advanced drills.

The Home Screen

The home screen provides quick access to all of your drills, recent workout activity, your list of achievements, the leaderboard, and free drills.


iPlaymate Tennis Receiver MSRP $1095.00

"Like my Drill" app on the iTunes store $1

Workout Tracker Screens


Keep track of how long you workout for and how many balls were hit.

What is it?

iPlaymate Tennis is a special Bluetooth receiver box that you hang on the side of the ball hopper that allows your machine to connect with your iPhone, Ipod touch, or iPad via Playmate's app "Like My Drill".

Workout Tracker is part of the "Like My Drill" app offered by PlayMate at the iTunes store.

How does it work?

The iPlaymate Tennis receiver, once connected to your machine, connects to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad via BlueTooth and the Playmate App called "Like My Drill".  After the iPLAYMATE Tennis is installed, you can use our special app, "Like My Drill", to work with your ball machine.

With the "Like My Drill" app, you can:

  • design your own drills
  • design advanced, multi-shot drills in sequence such as groundie, approach, overhead
  • save your drills for easy and quick access for your practice sessions
  • use the free drills provided by Playmate 
  • categorize and share drills
  • track your workout
  • track balls hit
  • compare results with others

How does iPlaymate Tennis work?

Workout Summary

Review your workout to see detailed breakdowns of how long you worked out, how many balls were hit, what types of shots were hit, and to view your Shot IQ score.


I want iPLAYMATE Tennis without Workout Tracker

Ball Machine Requirement

Must have a commercial ball machine (except ACE) made since 2009. Please contact us about ball machines made before this time.

iPlaymate Tennis Requirement:

Must purchase any iPLAYMATE Tennis receiver.

Design your own drill.

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